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It is a buyer’s and seller’s market. If a property is priced and marketed correctly both sides win. Everyone gets a great, fair market value. Salers advertise their properties with us. Buyers find the properties that match their tastes and may request Zaram Realty Services to do the due diligence (confirmation of genuineness) if the property is not already listed as verified.

The Timeline For Finding A House Varies Greatly From Person To Person. Once You Find A House And Have An Accepted Offer, It Usually Takes Around 30Days To Close The Entire Deal. Longer Time May Be Needed Depending On The Scope Of Investigation Necessary Before Closing The Deal. For A Property With Verified Certificate Of Occupancy (Mainly For Properties In Nigeria), Closing Of Its Deal Would Require Less Time.

Beware Of Advice From People Who Do Not Work In The Industry. We Know What To Expect And What To Look Out For. Buying And Selling A Couple Of Homes Does Not Make Someone A Well-Rounded Source Of Information. We Have Seen Too Many First-Time Buyers Become Persuaded By Well-Meaning Friends And Family, Only To Be Disappointed Later. Be Confident In Your Decisions And Trust The Professionals.

Depends On The Rules And Regulations Guiding The Business In Various States In Nigeria Or Banks Terms And Conditions; And The Agreement With The Property Seller Which Must Fall Within The Ambits Of The Law.

Our Experts Will Call You As Soon As An Appointment Is Requested.

All Listing Contracts Have Expiration Dates. When Is Yours? If It Is Not Coming Up Soon, Tell The Agent And/Or His Manager That You Want To Cancel Your Listing. Often They Will Let You Cancel Easily. If They Won'T, You Can Always Pull Your Home Off The Market Until The Listing Contract Expires. This Will Save You Further Advertising Charges.

You Might Want To Know Five Reasons Your House Hasn'T Sold.
1) Price
2) Conditions
3) Location
4) Listing Agent
5) Marketing Plan

No One Has A More Important Role In The Home Selling Process Than You. Here Are Some Ways Your Participation Can Contribute To A Successful Sale:

1) Maintain The Property

2) Ensure The Property Is Easily Accessible For Showings

3) Communicate - Let Your Agent Know How To Contact You

4) Remove Or Lock Up Valuables

5) Secure Pets

6) Limit Conversations With Buyers/Agents About Price.

7) Ensure All Documents Relating To The Property Are Available.

You Want Your Home To Sell For The Highest Price Possible, But Also In A Timely Fashion. Here Are Some Factors That Influence The Price Of Your Home:

1) Current Real Estate Market Conditions

2) The Expertise And Market Knowledge Of Your Real Estate Representative

3) Hard Facts Such Lot Size, Square Footage And Condition Of Your Home

4) Desirability Factors, Including Location, Special Amenities And Property Attributes

5) Selling And Listing Price Of Comparable Homes In The Area

6) Real Estate Market Plan

7) Your Level Of Motivation

Conditions That Should Not Affect The Price Of Your Home

1) The Profit You Wish To Make From The Sale

2) The Amount Of Money Spent On Improvements

3) The Original Price You Paid For Your Home

You Will Work With Your Listing Agent To Develop A Marketing Plan And Attract As Many Potential Buyers As Possible. Methods Include:

1) Yard Sign

2) Newspaper Advertising

3) Internet

4) Magazines

5) Open House

6) ... And Much More

Price And Condition Are The Two Most Important Factors In Selling A Home, Even In A Down Market. The First Step Is To Price Your Home Correctly. Use Comparative Sales Information From Your Agent, Or Pay For A Professional Appraiser To Objectively Evaluate Your Home'S Worth.

Second, Go Through The House And Repair Any Obvious Cosmetic Defects That Could Deter A Buyer.
In A Down Market, You May Have To Consider Lowering Your Price And/Or Making A Major Repair, Such As Replacing The Roof, In Order To Ensure A Buyer. Also, Make Sure That Your Home Is Getting The Exposure It Deserves Through Open Houses, Broker Open Houses, Advertising, Good Signage And A Listing On The Local Multiple Listing Service Or Online Listings Provider.

Fees Vary Depending On The Type Of Property As Well As What Is Negotiated In The Sale. Our Experts Can Provide An Estimated Closing Statement To Give You An Estimate Of What Is To Be Paid As Part Of The Sale. Some Costs Include:

1) Lender Fees

2) Escrow Fees

3) Home Inspection

4) Appraisal

Experts Are Your Most Valuable Asset When Buying A Home. They Will Walk You Through Every Part Of The Home Buying Process. They Will Educate And Inform You Of All Your Options. They Will Represent You Throughout The Transaction And Beyond.

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The valuation process evaluates the market value of the property. Demand and supply forces operating in the market, as well as other factors like the type of property, quality of construction, its location, the local infrastructure available, maintenance, are all taken into consideration before the market value is decided.

When a gift of property is made, a gift deed needs to be made by a lawyer. Stamp duty on the market value of the property also needs to be paid, as well as the necessary registration charges.