Profit in pandemic: A real estate company in Lagos exceeds investors’ expectations

Investors in Prindex Properties’ latest project, A28 Apartments, say the project already delivers an ROI that exceeds their expectations.



First-time and prospective investors confess to a mind-blowing experience at the unveiling of Prindex Properties latest project, the A28 Apartments.


“It can take months before you settle into a new property as you try to make fittings and customize the spaces. Not so with this one,” said one of the investors, “Prindex Properties obviously put an amazing level of thoughtfulness into designing this block of apartments. Everything is already in place. Now I understand why their projects sell out fast.”

However, for the repeat investors, who have had great testimonies in the past, and are now used to the company’s innovative and well-built investment projects, something else provokes their excitement.


Profit in pandemic: A real estate company in Lagos exceeds investors’ expectations

“There really is no one meeting Prindex Properties for the first time that will not love what they do. However, what amazes me most is their consistency, the way they maintain their standards and replicate it from one project to another,” said another attendee.


They praised Prindex’s innovative approach to property development and the profitability of their investment, even in a global economy ravaged by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In recent times, there has been a surge in conversations about how sectors affected by the COVID-19 pandemic can turn their fortunes around. During these conversations, the real estate industry usually comes up as a potential investment channel that can set businesses and individuals on a path to economic recovery.


Prindex Properties, a real estate company in Lagos State has repositioned its business portfolio to help investors who seek safe and profitable real estate investments. For over 8 years as a real estate company in Lagos, it has distinguished itself through transparency, innovation and commitment to its customer base of over 100 investors, helping them to profit from their residential real estate projects in choice destinations within Lagos.


In fulfillment of this corporate mandate, Prindex Properties launched a new residential project; A28 Apartments in Surulere, Lagos. A host of realtors, investors and other stakeholders in the real estate industry graced the event. Tolu Bawa-Allah, the CEO of Prindex Properties explained that helping investors achieve economic recovery during these trying times has been the primary aim of the company since the outbreak of the pandemic.


“At Prindex Properties, we have two major unique service propositions to investors. First, we reduce the timeframe of after-development sales by ensuring our projects are in hotspot destinations in both Lagos Mainland and Lagos Island. A good example is A28 Apartments, the project we just launched. The units sold out even before we got halfway to development.



"Second, we help investors manage their properties through our competent third-party partnerships. Our investors don’t go through any stress of tenancy management or building maintenance when they invest with us. All they do is relax and earn rental income while we handle the stress,” Mr Bawa-Allah further explained.


The A28 Apartments is a 6-unit residential apartment: 2 bedroom en-suite, 2-car parking per unit, fully serviced and 24/7 Security, specifically built for newly weds or young families. As at the time of completion, some investors have made as much as 25 percent ROI from outright sales. Most of the realtors that graced the event also testified to Prindex’s competence in driving profitable and innovative real estate developments.


Mr Supo Jagun, the Executive Director of Prindex Properties, further explained why Prindex has refused to compromise their standards for over eight years.

“As a fast growing real estate company in Lagos State, we don’t just build at Prindex because we are a brand driven by innovation and trust. Aside from the brilliant ideas that inspires our developments, we ensure the use of quality materials, strictly adhering to statutory regulations in order to fulfill our promise of peace of mind to investors and end-users.”


With ongoing developments such as Dream Place (Lekki), The Apple Place (Osapa London), M14 Apartments (Yaba), Zenville by Prindex (Ikate), Prindex Properties is open to partnerships from individual and corporate investors who seek transparent and profitable investments and are ready to take advantage of the company’s target of developing 1,500 units of residences by 2025.