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About Us

Zaram Realty Services is a realty company incorporated in Nigeria and offering state of-the-art set of services in the real estate industry. With proven reputation in pricing strategies, due diligence exercises, negotiation and fund acquisition for a wide range of clientele, we are adjudged to be the fastest growing realtor organization in the country. Our cutting edge informative solution in the business of property acquisition, rental, management and sales stands us out of the multitudes in Nigeria realty industry. At the last count, we have garnered a partnership network of over 50,000 trustworthy and vibrant corporate and individual agencies across over 50 cities in Nigeria. Our reach has since gone beyond the shores of Nigeria as we keep expanding rapidly into the various countries Africa, Europe, America and Asia.

Why to Choose Us

We pride in the very fact that the closing of real estate deals free of all economic, social and legal encumbrance is our innate strength. We feel fulfilled in helping estate dealers – buyers, sellers and renters to locate the right customers, find befitting homes, land, offices, etc. and give the peace of mind we all desire. We take all the time needed to understand customers’ needs and taste, and to do the requisite search.

You choose us to understand the system in place in each locality and to streamline the processes of buying your properties.

You choose us because we offer the best of professional services through our knowledgeable team to keep you out of troubles usually arising from poorly closed real estate deals.

You choose us because we negotiate to your advantage and demystify the issues associated with the lack of, or incompleteness of fund/liquidity at the material time of choosing a property and committing to buying it.

Ultimately, you choose Zaram Realty Services for the singular, most important reason of trustworthiness and uncommon integrity.

Team work strategy

Zaram Realty Services has a high network of agents across the country (Nigeria) and beyond. With tested and trusted team of agents and staff, you are sure to find the best of your desire at the right location and price. It’s our tradition to work as a team so as to achieve set goals efficiently and timely.


We are a select team of reliable persons. We take the issue of transparency very seriously. On that count, we have gained the trust and love of the public, especially those whom we have had the honour to work for/with.

Deep knowledge & understanding of the industry

With our wide range of highly knowledgeable partners, we stay ahead of the rest in real time information and knowledge of emerging trends in the industry. Our intensive manpower training and retaining policies have helped to ensure that we maintain a high level of assuredness of positive outcomes against the volatilities of the business world.


We, at Zaram Realty Services have a track record of delivery, real time responses and actions and very successful deals. Our sales and purchases are adjusted the most trustworthy and crises free. Over the years, we have had positive testimonials from individuals and groups who entrust their real estate investments in us.

"Customers’ needs are evolving and we are in business to surpass those numerous needs to gain their permanent loyalty and trust. At Zaram Realty Services, we pool our talents and resources in staging, marketing and helping you to buy and sell real-estate and to offer ancillary services that meet your needs".

Eneze Chinedu ChristianCEO/FOUNDER

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