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What property management services do we offer
at Zaram Realty Services?

Zaram Realty Services offer a wide range of property and facility management services. We handle every daily occurrences within the facility without exposing the property owner to unnecessary disturbances. + Read More

We have a deep understanding of the rental property market. We know what works and what is a waste of money and we can advise you so you can avoid many of the pitfalls of rental property ownership.

We ensure that the goals of the property owner are achieved in timely manner, by managing rentals, rents, tenants, handling maintenances that other issues vowed otherwise, cause disaffection between the lessor and the lessee, operates a maintenance budget and rental property comprehensive record of inventories. We screen tenants, terminate leases, conduct evictions, handle security deposits all in line with extant laws. - Read Less

Why Zaram?

Zaram Realty Services therefore, offer the following categorized property management services:

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